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NWolfNES is a NES (Never Ending Story). NES is basically a forum game, where players take control of or create cultures and nations in a new empty world and lead their nations via investing nations incomes and giving orders to military. Time is measured in "Turns", each turn will cover certain amount of time and usually will feature an Update - game moderator posting what changes have taken place in the time that the update covered, who won, who lost, whose investments were good and whose investment wrecked his nation economy. Goal of this game is not "win" or "conquer everything", but to build up a socity and culture (usually via posting stories, tales or legends of you nation and conducting diplomacy with other nations (in character)) - and of course, Facing the challenges that time brings us. Some nations are destanied to fall. Shall your tribial cannibalists survive to modern age?

This wiki is reference for NWolfNES, containing information about cultures, world, areas, and whatever else is needed. You can find NWolfNES here, and provided it's still alive, you are free to join :)


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